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New: easyRAID ERM series with 8Gb FC-to-SAS and 10 Gb iSCSI-to-SAS single/redundant RAID-Controllers. Up to 240 HDDs.

Enterprise-class storage with high performance and availability makes the easyRAID M series capable of satisfying the most demanding business and technical applications as well as virtualized environments.

High Performance
The M series is designed for high performance with Intel Xeon dual core CPU and DDR III memory to take full advantage of modern Hardware and Software architecture. These storage systems support latest connectivity interfaces including 10Gb iSCSI and 8Gb FC to hosts and 6Gb SAS disk interface, perfectly meet the requirements of mission-critical operations.

High Availability
High-availability hardware designs with redundant, hot-swappable hardware components including RAID controllers, power supplies and cooling fans to eliminate single point of failure.

High Scalability and Flexibility
The modular design, simple, easy to use management interface, easily scale up storage capacity to up to 240 drives to accommodate business expansion needs. The easyRAID M series support flexible drive types (2.5-inch or 3.5-inch, SAS or SATA, various size of hard drives or SSD) meet the needs for various applications requirement.


ERM16R/S-8FR3 (8Gb FC)

ERM16R/S-10GR3 (10GbE iSCSI)

ERM24R/S-8FR4 (8 Gb FC)

ERM16R/S-10GR4 (10GbE iSCSI)

Download the datasheet:

easyRAID M-Series Datasheet


About easyRAID RAID-Systems:

High Performance
easyRAID Disk-Arrays are the entrance into RAID-technology at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, the RAID-Systems offer uncompromising features regarding security and performance.

Models are available with Fibre-Channel, SAS x4 or 10GbE/1GbE iSCSI Host-Interface. By using the internal harddisks in a parallel way, there are higher transfer rates possible than those of the single drives - and even with a higher security. As a side effect of this, the total capacity can be higher than the capacity of the single drives.

Simple Installation
All easyRAID Systems are O/S independent and are installed like one big Harddisk. Important features of the Systems are drive-fail-detection, hot-swapping, background-rebuilding after drive-failure and bad-sector-reassignment.

High Data Security
If a drives fails in a RAID-Level 1-, 3- or 5-Configuration, the lost data will be regenerated by the array-controller during operation. If there exists a "Hot-Spare"-Drive the process of regeneration will be started automatically on the new harddisk (without "Hot-Spare"-Drive after changing the failed drive). After this, the original failure safety is re-established. Critical components like power supplies and fans are redundant and could also be changed during operation.