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About easyRAID RAID-Systems:

High Performance
easyRAID Disk-Arrays are the entrance into RAID-technology at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, the RAID-Systems offer uncompromising features regarding security and performance.

Models are available with Fibre-Channel, SAS x4 or 1GbE iSCSI Host-Interface. By using the internal harddisks in a parallel way, there are higher transfer rates possible than those of the single drives - and even with a higher security. As a side effect of this, the total capacity can be higher than the capacity of the single drives.

Simple Installation
All easyRAID Systems are O/S independent and are installed like one big Harddisk. Important features of the Systems are drive-fail-detection, hot-swapping, background-rebuilding after drive-failure and bad-sector-reassignment.

High Data Security
If a drives fails in a RAID-Level 1-, 3- or 5-Configuration, the lost data will be regenerated by the array-controller during operation. If there exists a "Hot-Spare"-Drive the process of regeneration will be started automatically on the new harddisk (without "Hot-Spare"-Drive after changing the failed drive). After this, the original failure safety is re-established. Critical components like power supplies and fans are redundant and could also be changed during operation.